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We recognise that environmental issues can often appear intractable. Commercial and public reputations, in particular, can be at stake.

At Aticus Law we pride ourselves on taking a commercial view: using our expertise to seek a resolution to problems in the interests of both your business as well as the wider public interest.

Here at Aticus Law we are focussed on representing your interests at every stage in the process.

Businesses now face many environmental challenges whether in connection with new development, or in the ordinary conduct management of business.

Our team is able to represent your interests to tackle problems, achieve resolution and realise opportunities in such varied fields as: air and water quality; contaminated land; renewable and low carbon energy; environmental impact assessments; environmental permitting; EU environmental law; habitats and species protection; pollution incidents; statutory and common law nuisance and waste and recycling schemes.

We will provide your company with a complete quote for all the work that will be undertaken to reach each objective. The quote that you will be provided is the total cost of your transaction, because we believe in complete transparency for the work undertaken on your behalf.

Feel free to call our professional team for a free, no-obligation informal discussion, and we’ll discuss your particular requirements in greater detail.

Contact our Head of Department, Ed Judge now, so we can speak to you immediately and move your enquiry forward today.

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Edward Judge

Edward Judge

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Andrew Judge

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