Our private prosecution solicitors have a wealth of experience in defending all aspects of criminal cases.

Be it in the Youth, Magistrates, Crown, Appeal or High Court (or even the House of Lords), we will be by your side throughout. We have a long, proud history of involvement in many complex and high profile criminal cases, ranging from straightforward road traffic offences to murder and drug importation cases, so are more than experienced enough to help. If you have been arrested, charged or summonsed to appear in court, we are happy to advise and assist you on a private, fee-paying basis.

Actions against the Police & Other Prosecuting Authorities

Aticus Law act for individuals in all of types of claims against the Police, Prosecuting and other associated authorities. Where possible, will deal with your claim on a No Win No Fee Basis. We deal with claims on a daily basis in respect of: -

  1. False Imprisonment
  2. Wrongful Arrest
  3. Police Assault
  4. Death in Custody
  5. Malicious Prosecution
  6. Misfeasance in Public Office
  7. Trespass to property or goods
  8. Police negligence
  9. Breach of Human Rights
  10. Unlawful Stop and Search
  11. Racial Discrimination

By utilising the previous experience of our Solicitors, many of whom have extensive backgrounds in criminal defence work, clients benefit from a level of service unrivalled by many firms in this field.

Every case is dealt with on an individual basis, by our experienced team of Solicitors. Our specialists have a high degree of success in obtaining the right outcome for your case, whether by way of an apology or compensation, we will passionately pursue your case.

Customs & Excise and Inland Revenue Prosecutions

An extensive overhaul of the system in recent years, coupled with the authorities new and revised powers involving asset seizure, retention and investigation, has made this area exceptionally formidable. The Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office are now responsible for a consolidated approach towards the prosecution of all related cases in this highly specialised area of Criminal Litigation.

At Aticus Law, we are recognised as a market leader in the preparation and conduct of these kinds of cases. Our specialised team has an unrivalled track record in defending such cases, and we use the latest technology to help us, operating a state-of-the art dedicated computer system and advanced forensic technology to assist us.

Money Laundering Prosecutions

With the introduction of the Proceeds of Crime Act in 2002, the government provided prosecuting authorities with far-reaching powers to seize, retain and confiscate monies derived from (or suspected to derive from) crime. Most of these cases now involve the Asset Recovery Agency, which is charged with removing the profit from crime.

Our expertise in related disciplines means that Aticus Law are at the forefront of these kinds of cases. In almost every instance, asset seizure and attempted confiscation of funds and proceeds have now become the norm, and proceedings are often brought even without the success or benefit of criminal proceedings.

By taking a robust and proactive approach in the defence of these proceedings, our specialised team have developed the extensive knowledge and necessary skills needed to help defend your case successfully.

Trading Standards

Over the last decade we have seen a steady increase in the number of prosecutions led by Trading Standards, along with other related government investigatory teams such as the Official Receiver and the DBIS (Department for Business Innovation and Skills).

Our specialised team of solicitors are the leading practitioners in this field and have defended clients involved in the largest Trading Standards and DBIS investigations prosecuted in the UK to date.

Our extensive experience of these prosecutions, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the prosecuting authorities practises and procedures, means that our Solicitors are always one step ahead in the prosecution process.

Criminal prosecutions are daunting, life-changing events. At Aticus, we guide you through the whole process, keeping you well-advised, well-informed and well-positioned throughout.

Feel free to call our professional team for a free, no-obligation informal discussion, and we’ll discuss your particular requirements in greater detail.

Contact our Head of Department, Ed Judge now, so we can speak to you immediately and move your enquiry forward today.

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