In a rapidly changing market, Media and Sports Law is an increasingly specialist area, particularly when it comes to branding and image rights. That’s where we come in.

Media and Sports Law has in the last few years grown into an increasingly complex and difficult area. Clients may need assistance with anything from image rights, brand protection, defamation, breach of contract, reputation management, sponsorship agreements and dealing with the media in general. Social, digital and interactive media have also become very contentious areas, with the law often struggling to keep up with new technological developments.

At Aticus Law, we’re here to help at every stage. Governing bodies all have disciplinary divisions, and we have the knowledge and experience to defend you and your reputation before bodies such as UK Anti Doping (UKAD) agency, the FA, UEFA, RFL, RFU, BBBC and many others. Our solicitors already represent media and production companies in the UK and South Africa and are actively involved in the negotiation and drafting of legal contracts to meet the needs of production of film and theatre.

Our team of specialised lawyers is now the fastest growing sports management agency for Rugby League players in the UK. Representing players in both the Super League and the Championship Division, our specialised team offer a refreshingly transparent service to players in new contract negotiations and the drafting of finalised contracts with innovative player benefits, previously unseen in this area.

Feel free to call our professional team for a free, no-obligation informal discussion, and we’ll discuss your particular requirements in greater detail.

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Stuart Page

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