Stuart Page


A founding partner in 2013, Stuart is a defence solicitor and higher court advocate with over 22 years’ experience in the field of Criminal Law. He was also part of the original team that prosecuted the “Strangeways Riot” case in the 1990’s.

As a founding partner, Stuart provides defence representation in a number of niche areas of crime. In the past, he has defended in the largest blackmail case brought by the Trading Standards national “loan shark” team, and has also acted on both sides (prosecution and defence) in many serious cases of murder, drug trafficking, conspiracy and fraud.

A qualified duty solicitor and higher court advocate (meaning he is able to conduct Crown Court hearings), Stuart is also a FA-accredited sports lawyer, 

and defends in many cases relating to forged goods, copyright theft and HSE matters. He also has an established practice in the area of defending motoring, fraud, drugs, blackmail, HSE prosecutions and Trading Standards cases and has significant experience in the areas of Licensed Premises and Planning Law.


Aticus Solicitors  {Founding Partner 2013 – to date}
Ralli Solicitors  {Assistant Solicitor 2003 – 2013}
Crown Prosecution Service  {Caseworker 1986 – 1997}