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If a former employee is making an unfair dismissal claim against you, it is important to get expert legal representation. Contact our employment law solicitors for advice.

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You can only dismiss an employee in limited circumstances. This includes where there is:

  • A lack of capability or qualification
  • Conduct amounting to gross misconduct
  • A genuine redundancy
  • Some other substantial reason

If you cannot prove that a dismissal was instigated due to one of the above reasons, the employee may have grounds for an unfair dismissal claim.

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Get legal representation

If you are concerned about a former employee making an unfair dismissal claim, contact us at Aticus Law. We represent employers across England and Wales and know how to handle the matter efficiently and effectively.

We will advise on the merit of the employee’s claim. Only certain employees are eligible to take legal action, such as those who have been in your employment for a minimum of two years (aside from limited exceptions). The employee may also be out of time to bring a claim, or it may be possible to prove that the dismissal was in fact fair. We can determine the best strategy in your particular case, working to limit the consequences of a potential unfair dismissal claim.

Legal advice prior to dismissal

If you have not yet dismissed the employee, we recommend that you speak to our employment solicitors before taking further action. We can ensure that the dismissal remains compliant with any statutory or contractual obligations.

In certain circumstances, it may be preferable to ask the employee to sign a settlement agreement. This would protect the business from the threat of future legal action. We can explain the options open to you, using our legal expertise to protect your commercial enterprise.

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