Help For Employees Affected By The Closure Of Topshop & Topman

By Mohammed Balal - 4th February 2021

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We would like to help those employees affected by the closure of Topshop and Topman stores throughout the country.

On 1st February 2021, at 7:45 am, ASOS posted on Twitter to celebrate their purchase of the Topshop brand. We understand that this Twitter post may have been seen by a number of affected employees before they were formally notified of the store closures.

If you have been made redundant by Topshop or Topman, our redundancy solicitors may be able to assist you.

When an employer proposes to make more than 20 employees redundant at one location, they have a legal obligation to consult with either a recognised trade union or elected employee representatives. If an employer does not comply with this obligation, you may be entitled to claim compensation by bringing a claim for a protective award to the Employment Tribunal.

We would like to support former employees of Topshop and Topman with bringing a claim for a protective award, where the Tribunal is able to award up to 90 days’ pay capped at £538 to each individual who is part of the claim.

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