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By Mohammed Balal - 11th February 2021

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If an employer is proposing to make 20 or more redundancies in one location within a 90 day period, they have to follow a certain process. The employer must collectively consult with a recognised trade union or elected employee representatives. If they fail to meet those requirements, employees may be entitled to make a claim for a protective award.

Unfortunately, when a company is placed into administration, we often see a large number of employees being made redundant. Therefore, Protective Award Claims are brought to the Tribunal as large class action claims. Large class action claims involve a number of individual Claimants making a joint claim.

Make sure to discuss the Protective Award Claim with any former colleagues who have also faced redundancy as they may also be eligible to be part of the claim.

At Aticus Law, we know that facing redundancy with little or no notice can have devastating effects, especially when it comes to finances. If the claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay any legal fees as we manage Protective Award Claims on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Why should I instruct Aticus Law?

You don’t have to instruct an employment law solicitor to manage your claim, however having your claim managed by an employment law expert will maximise your chances of success.

Protective Award Claims are often complex cases and there are a number of procedures that must be followed. If these procedures are not adhered to, the claim may be struck out by the Tribunal.

There is a chance that the claim may be defended by the Respondent. Should the claim be defended, it is important to understand the correct legislation and case law surrounding Protective Award Claims.

The Tribunal may schedule a full hearing to discuss the facts and issues arising from the claim. If you do not have legal representation, you may have to attend the Tribunal as a litigant in person. If the claim is defended by the Respondent, a full hearing must take place.

Protective Award Claims can often take a long time to conclude, particularly under the difficult circumstances in which we are currently faced with. Due to the involvement of multiple parties, there can often be a vast amount of correspondence to manage throughout this time. Such correspondence will often carry strict deadlines for a response to be provided.

Should you choose to instruct Aticus Law, our team of employment law solicitors will manage the claim from the outset through to conclusion. We are able to ensure that your Protective Award Claim has the highest chance of success and is concluded within the fastest possible timeframe.

Call or email us in order for us to discuss in greater detail how our solicitors can move your case forward today.

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