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Free Employment Advice Sessions for Wilko Employees

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By Mohammed Balal - 4th August 2023

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Sad news has reached us that Wilko is in financial trouble. This means a lot of people who work there are worried about what's next for them.

At Aticus Law, we have a specialist  Employment Law team, so we're offering free advice to any Wilko worker who wants it. We'll help answer questions like:

  • What are my rights if I lose my job?
  • Can I complain if I think I've been unfairly let go?
  • What happens to my pension?
  • What are my rights if another company takes over?

Our team is made up of people who really know their stuff. They want to make sure you know your rights and can decide what to do next.

We know that the news about Wilko can be scary. These advice sessions are meant to help, by giving you important information and making sure you know you're not alone.

We'll be holding these sessions via Zoom. You can see the times and date for each session, as well as the access link below:

Monday 7th August, 9:00am

Meeting ID: 843 5850 3219

Passcode: 872137

Monday 7th August, 2:30pm

Meeting ID: 892 1070 6261

Passcode: 590741

Tuesday 8th August, 2:30pm

Meeting ID: 835 9508 7230

Passcode: 012920

Wednesday 9th August, 11:00am

Meeting ID: 863 0466 1949

Passcode: 387610

Thursday 10th August, 2:30pm

Meeting ID: 874 6516 9372

Passcode: 622747

Friday 11th August, 2:30pm

Meeting ID: 811 8892 6749

Passcode: 064061

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